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Written by Scott Ferguson   
Monday, 06 January 2014 16:07

We understand that when you buy something, you want to receive it quickly. When buying from AusRef, we do ask that you bear the following in mind:

My name is Scott, and I run AusRef in my spare time. This helps to keep prices low, but it also means there isn't a team of staff running around packing orders 24/7. I do have you ask that you understand I have a full-time job, and I'm also a football referee, futsal referee, assessor and instructor, and have a life outside all of this - so depending on how busy I am, orders may take anything from a day to a few weeks to ship. The average is usually a few days but this can vary a lot depending on many factors - particularly early in the football season when we are inundated with orders.

You will receive updates at each stage of the process. After an order is placed, you'll get an automated confirmation email. Once we're processing your order (checking stock, attaching badges, packing, etc) you'll get a 'Processing' email, and then finally once it's shipped you'll receive a final message with the tracking number (if applicable). Please, please, please do not email or call asking when your order will ship! Answering messages like this just wastes time that could be spent actually posting your order, and there are too many variables for us to state this with any certainty. We will send it as quickly as we're able.

We are based in Perth. If you're outside Western Australia, delivery will not happen overnight. Australia Post usually take a full week to deliver Parcel Post items to the eastern states (even Express Post takes around two days). Once you've received your 'Shipped' email, your order is physically with Australia Post and so there is nothing more we can do to hurry it up. We also don't receive any information beyond what you get from Australia Post's tracking.

Australia Post's tracking is really quite average. AP often don't scan parcels on lodgement, so all you'll see is the status "Initiated" until it's actually in the postie's truck on the day of delivery. If you call them, they'll tell you that the parcel hasn't been lodged, which is absolutely not true and is due to their failure to scan items at lodgement. We assure you that once you receive our Shipped email, the parcel is in their hands.

International orders take a long time. Australia's remote location means that unless you select International Express, delivery may be quite slow. Not only does your parcel have a long way to travel, your country's Customs service may take weeks to process the parcel. Economy Airmail, on average, takes around a month to be delivered to Europe, and does not include a tracking service (the code you receive is for Customs purposes only), although tracking can be purchased for many countries at a small additional charge with your order (see the Extra Stuff category).

It's very unlikely your order has been lost. In the past decade, we've had only two orders go 'missing in the post', and it's likely they were actually stolen from the customer's mailbox. It is important to note, however, that if an order is lost or damaged in the post, we cannot be held accountable for this. We do offer and recommend postal insurance and signature-on-delivery services at cost price if you require additional peace of mind (see Extra Stuff), or Australians can use the free Parcel Locker service allowing secure 24/7 parcel collection.

We don't believe in making false or unrealistic promises just to get your money - we are trying to be totally honest and up-front with you about the service we offer, so that your experience shopping with us is a pleasant one. Ultimately, we will try to get your goods to you as quickly and accurately as possible!